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CFVA Member Profile | Arthur Martinez

CFVA Member Profile

By Tammy Brislin, CFVA Board Member


I recently caught up with CFVA member Arthur Martinez during the 39th Denver Film Festival for a quick interview. He was very wrapped up in the festival this year, as he was the star of the film Actor Martinez, which was having its Colorado premiere.


I have known Arthur since 2010 when he started as a volunteer driver for the Denver Film Festival. I knew he was a computer repair guy full time, and an actor on the side. Arthur was always on my radar at the fest because he was reliable, friendly and always chillaxed. It was obvious to me that he LOVED his job as a festival driver. As a result of being a driver, he landed the role of a lifetime, so to speak. He became the star in a feature film about himself, where things don’t go exactly as planned.


Years ago at DFF33, Arthur met director Mike Ott, who was there with his film Littlerock. At DFF39 Mike Ott introduced Arthur to director Nathan Silver and the concept for Actor Martinez was hatched.


What also interested me in Actor Martinez was that it was shot in Denver, and used a number of Colorado people for above and below the line positions.  In fact, CFVA President Patrick Hackett was one of the producers, along with residents Britta Erickson and Katie Shapiro. A number of CFVA members were also part of the crew and acting team.


I did not have a chance to see Actor Martinez at DFF39, but know it turned his world upside down! The film has been picked up by Breaking Glass Pictures and will open theatrically at the Sie Film Center Friday, December 9. If you go, keep an eye on the screen for fellow CFVA members (and actors): Sanaz Fatemi, Michael Haskins, Kathryn Grant and Jennifer Jorgenson. Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone!


TB: What was your first acting gig?
AM: College, The Complete History of America at UCD. Mad props to Metro State for getting me addicted with The Skull and The Butterfly.

TB: Who do you look up to as an actor?
AM: Every artist trying to grow their craft. We must be crazy for doing this because the challenge to be a working artist is beyond words.

TB: How/where did you meet directors Mike Ott and Nathan Silver?
AM: I was their driver many times at the Denver Film Fest. I always made sure to work the Late Night Lounge because drunk filmmakers rock.


TB: Actor Martinez had an impressive line-up of festival premiers: Rotterdam 2016 (World), Tribeca 2016 (North America) and your Colorado premiere was last week at the 39th Denver Film Fest. Congrats and what was that festival whirlwind like?

AM: It was the whirlwind you describe. There is a lot of pressure to follow up success with even more success. That can be difficult when I'm not even sure how we got to where we are now.


TB: What will audiences be thinking about when they are driving home from a screening of Actor Martinez?
AM: What was that?


TB: A question we all like to ponder and play with is - if someone was going to play the role of you, in the movie about your life, who would you pick?
AM: Myself? A la Actor Martinez.


TB: How did this production benefit the Colorado production community? (I.e. jobs, experience, etc.)
AM: We made it clear from the start that this production would engage our local community. I realize that it was difficult for the community to trust the project due to its strange nature; but the dedication of our crew has shown the world just how compelling Colorado film professionals can be despite the odds.


TB: How did this “starring” role change your life? 
AM: Uhhh, my entire life was hijacked by Actor Martinez. It's the baby that shifted my priorities, my direction and gave me a wonderful wife.


TB: What do you do when you’re not acting and being a volunteer superhero?
AM: Hopefully sleeping, there's a lot more to be done and I need all the energy I can get!


Thanks for your time, Arthur!