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Adobe After Effects Motion Graphics Certificate Program


In this Certificate Program you will learn to master Adobe After Effects CC and create visually stunning motion graphics. We’ll cover animation, masking, compositing, and effects. Add depth to your work as we cover After Effect’s 3D capabilities as well as many other tools and techniques packed into the powerful program.


Program Description

Motion graphics can encompass a wide variety of skills and techniques to bring your vision to life. This class will guide you through the extensive After Effect’s tool kit and give you the knowledge you need to create whatever you can imagine.

In addition to After Effects, we’ll look at the seamless workflow with the other apps in the Creative Cloud Suite such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro. You’ll also be introduced to the 3rd party applications that come with After Effects, Cinema 4D Lite and Mocha. Cinema 4D Lite lets you add true 3D models and environments into your work and Mocha is a powerful planner tracker.

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Who Should Take This Class

AAnyone looking to learn video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Having a working knowledge of basic Apple computers and knowledge or experience with Photoshop or Premiere will be helpful but not required.


After You Register

BDA is committed to making learning process as enjoyable as possible and making sure that you can focus on your learning. After you register you will be contacted by our staff who answer questions you might have and assist you with any logistical and travel concerns.


Presented by Mike Scalisi

Monday, July 25th - Friday, July 29th, 9am-5pm

$1299 non-members, $1199 BDA members

Remember, you must sign up via the BDA website to fully register for this course!

Monday, July 25th - Friday, July 29th