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The Art of the Video Interview

Boulder Digital Arts presents The Art of the Video Interview!


Compelling interviews are essential to good story telling in video, documentary and TV. However, getting an informative, dynamic, and emotionally connected interview is often much more difficult than you’d expect. Lights, cameras, nerves, difficult subject matter, self consciousness and fear often make people freeze up, close down, and give bad interviews.

In this interactive 3-hour course, you will learn how to create an environment that is comfortable for you and your interviewee, how to prepare yourself for the interview, how to prepare your interviewee for the interview and how to conduct an interview that draws out the kind of emotion and information that works for your project.

We’ll also explore the balancing act of what you want out of your interviewee versus where the interview can go naturally, and how to get responses that are easier to edit into a story.

Presented by Madeleine Pollak
Wednesday January 13th, 6-9pm
$89 Non-Members, $69 BDA Members
Boulder Digital Arts – 1600 Range Street, Suite 100 Boulder, CO 80301

Wednesday January 13th