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CANCELLED - Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Boulder Digital Arts presents Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget


Business owners and solopreneurs are always looking for new customers. Yet, many of them don't know how to get out there and get exposure to prospects without feeling like they're "selling." Also a business owner herself, Debra Jason has spent more than 25 years marketing her services. Through good and bad times, she has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and will present her tips and business-building strategies in this program.

Colorado business owners who want to succeed in good times as well as turbulent ones can't afford to overlook the importance of marketing and the role it plays in their business' longevity. Designed for enthusiastic business owners, service-based solo- and entrepreneurs, coaches and freelancers, this program provides them with practical and creative ideas on how to spread the word about their products, programs or service - without breaking the bank.

During this engaging presentation, we'll explore topics such as:

  • The one thing 90% of consumers trust more than advertising.
  • The most fun way to market yourself to prospects - without a hard-core sales pitch.
  • One simple step they can take that leads to referrals and new business.
  • How to obtain amazing free publicity.
  • One way to find prospects from the comfort of your home - in their PJs or sweats. (Hint: It's not social media.)
  • Six top reasons social media should be in your marketing toolbox.
  • Eight ideas to charge your batteries and keep your creative juices flowing when you're blogging.

This workshop can be of benefit to any motivated self-starter who's diving into the business sector on their own terms. Freelancers, coaches, solopreneurs, small business owners and others are all encouraged to join in on the discussion.

Presented by Debra Jackson

Tuesday November 10, 6-9pm.

Cost: $89 Non-Members/ $69 BDA Members

Location: Boulder Digital Arts - 1600 Range Street Suite 100 Boulder, CO 80301

Tuesday November 10th