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Do-It-Yourself Video with DSLR! - Workshop

In this intermediate-level hands-on class, we will cover everything you need to take shooting video with a DSLR camera to the next level. We will explore the techniques and tricks to create properly-lit and exposed interviews with affordable lighting options and double-system sound.

This class will cover:

• Using a DSLR camera like a 35mm motion film camera rather than an HD video camera

• How to use a camera's histogram and RGB meters to give accurate exposure and white balance

• Using vintage (i.e. affordable) lenses on a modern DSLR

• Creating good methodologies for double-system sound

• Some very important "gotchas" in capturing video with still cameras and lenses

• Using basic and off-the-shelf lighting solutions, like tungsten. fluorescent, and LEDs

For complete details, PLEASE REGISTER at the BDA website. Boulder Digital Arts offers affordable training in digital media from professionals working in the field.

Thursday November 21st
6pm - 9pm