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Drone Videography Certificate Intensive

Drone Videography Certificate Intensive

Dramatically enhance your video productions with beautiful aerial video! In this two-day intensive, you’ll learn how to fly a drone, learn how to get the very best results and have plenty of time to practice with guidance from our expert instructor who shoots over 200 projects every year!

Drones are everywhere these days and the technology is very advanced! As a result, cinematographers need the knowledge and skills to shoot professional looking drone video in order to stay competitive.

This is a great way to learn how to shoot professional drone video in just two days rather than struggling to learn on your own and damaging your equipment as you make avoidable mistakes. Gaining a solid understanding of flying basics and learning piloting best practices will ensure that you capture the caliber of footage that you need for your productions.

When done right, you’ll be amazed at the shots you can capture that were previously reserved just for big budget Hollywood films! Please keep in mind that the certificate you receive from Boulder Digital Arts at the end of the class is a "Certificate of Completion" from Boulder Digital Arts and not any kind of FAA certification.

February 27 - 28, 2016
9 AM