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Final Cut Pro X Apple Certified Class

An Apple Certified Class in Final Cut Pro X is offered by The Colorado Film School, taught by Jerry Hofmann (FCP X Certified Instructor).

The FCP 101 Certification class is being offered by the Colorado Film school. This intensive class will be given August 15-17. A full 3 day course will get you up and running in Apple's latest NLE software, FCP X. This class is perfect for a new NLE user or especially good for those who are moving into FCP X from Final Cut Pro 7 or earlier.
Each student will have their own workstation to follow along with the lectures, and to do an all hands on set of exercises with supplied materials. It's the fastest way to learn this awesome editing software!

For more information, course outline, and registration

For any other information, contact Jerry at or call the film school and talk to Shay Kent or Jennifer Scott: 303-340-7321

August 15-17
9am - 4pm