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Greenscreen Video Techniques


What You'll Learn:

The art of lighting and shooting a subject against a greenscreen can be tricky to master, but essential if you want to use any background! This exciting workshop will be split into two parts - shooting and editing.

The instructor will actually be demonstrating these techniques live, not just talking about them! The first half of the evening will cover shooting and lighting techniques when shooting HDV with a greenscreen background.

The second half of the evening will cover using and keying the greenscreen in Final Cut Pro. You'll get to see how a proper greenscreen shot is set up, lit, and videotaped as well as how it is then imported into FCP and combined with a new background.

Who Should Take This:

Filmmakers who understand the basics of lighting and have some experience with a non-linear editing system like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere.

PLEASE REGISTER at the BDA website. $69 BDA Members, $89 Non-Members

Wednesday, July 15, 2015