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Intro to Digital Photography

Have a digital camera, but unsure how to use it and looking to learn more? This class is the perfect introduction for you! Course includes lecture, hands-on and even a short field trip to practice your new skills.

In this class, students will be introduced to the world of digital photography.  Topics include photography basics, digital camera features and tools, lighting consideration, managing files and digital workflow, basic editing, and general troubleshooting.  This class will include lecture, hands-on instruction, and a fun photo field trip.  The course will focus on introducing students to the major concepts and advancements in digital photography, basic framing and composition skills, and how to manage and edit their photos.  Students are required to bring their digital camera to class, and encouraged to bring with them photos with specific problems they would like to correct (please limit to 3 photos). Upon completion of this course, students will be able to confidently shoot high-quality images using the full-capabilities of their digital camera.

  Contact: Phone: 720-222-0160 ext. 208
Email:   Event Fee(s)
DOM Members $ 60.00
DOM Non-Members $ 80.00
January 18th 2012