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Navigating the Legal Landscape for Filmmakers

What You'll Learn

How to save your film, your sanity, and - quite possibly - your home.

This brief introduction to a very large, and scary, subject will familiarize you with the two most important concepts in entertainment law: intellectual property (also known as copyright) and contract law.


Since ignorance is no defense before the law, we will de-mystify urban legends concerning:


- Copyright Infringement

- Deal memos

- Licensing : music, stock footage

- Liability

- releases


This class will cover all the possible agreements you may need all the way from your film's development phase, through production and post, to distribution and sales.


Who Should Take This Class:

This course is suitable for all filmmakers, whether your project is a short, a PSA, a YouTube video, a documentary, or a feature.


Presented by Abigail Wright

$89 Non-Members, $69 BDA Members

Wednesday, March 2nd, 6-9pm

Boulder Digital Arts - 1600 Range Street, Suite 100 Boulder, CO 80301


Remember, you must sign up on the BDA website to be fully registered for this course!

Wednesday, March 2nd