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Screenwriting with a Hollywood Pro

Aspiring to connect with fellow film lovers, a 20-year LA development exec and indie filmmaker stages an 8-week class so that she might to teach screenwriting skills of the highest order and save Hollywood from mediocrity.

Whether you’re already acquainted with screenwriting or brand new to the medium, here’s an opportunity to join a dynamic, comprehensive class that will give you all the basics you need to write a script in a fun workshop setting!

In this 8-week, 3-hour class, half the time will be devoted to discussing real world, Hollywood-ready formatting techniques as well as some of the more fluid elements, like narrative, dialogue, theme, character, and structure arcs. The other half of each session will be about workshopping your scripts. Each writer will have the opportunity to complete half a feature length film under instructor guidance, and workshop 16 pages of it in class. Learn to take what’s in your head and make movie magic on the page!

Trai Cartwright has taught hundreds of new screenwriters across the Front Range and at the Colorado Film School. While in LA, she produced 3 indie films, optioned four of her own screenplays, and worked as a Story Consultant for HBO, New Line Cinema, and four major studios.  

If you'd like to join the odyssey (Hero's Journey??), register at Feel free to contact the instructor with any questions at 

Class starts March 4; $225 for Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers / $250 non-members.  
3 slots still available. 

Writing for TV and Advanced Screenwriting coming soon!


March 4 - April 22
6:00 PM - 9:00PM