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Shooting Video with DSLR Cameras

Have a DSLR camera with video recording capabilities? Did you know you can shoot professional quality videos and films using it? This course will cover all the basics of using your DSLR for shooting video.

In this class, students are introduced to shooting video with DSLR cameras. Students will learn the basics of shooting video, capturing audio, designing shots with editing in mind, specific camera settings and features, lighting consideration, and advantages to shooting video with a DSLR. This course will be a mix of lecture and hands-on instruction regarding practical operation and creative possibilities of shooting video with a DSLR Camera.

Equipment Needed:   Students must have a DSLR with manual controls (shutter, aperture, and ISO) in the video mode. Students should also have a basic understanding of their camera controls.   It is helpful to bring a tripod or monopod, and any additional lenses you may have. Please also charge your DSLR Camera batteries and bring a memory card to class. Students do not need any production or video-shooting experience to take this class. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to shoot their own videos, and maximize creative and professional capabilities using a DSLR camera.

Teacher's Name: Chris Haugen

Member Price: $75.00
Non-Member Price: $100.00

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July 9th
6pm - 9pm