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Story Development - What a Concept!

There is a reason major studios and production companies spend a lot of money in story/script development; they know the key to any motion picture screenplay is story, story, story.  You should take the time to do the same.

What a Concept! - In this 8-week workshop, we will concentrate on developing the best character to tell your story, the central conflict of the story, and the pathway forward, sharing and commenting on each other’s work in a supportive workshop atmosphere.  By the end of the 8 weeks you should have a very clear foundation on which to base your story and a vision forward into your screenplay.

Dates: 10/22/2012 - 12/10/2012 -

Time: 6:30PM to 8:30PM -

Cost: $285.00 members / $315.00 non-Lighthouse members

Location: Lighthouse Writers Workshop - 1515 Race Street, Denver, CO 80206


This is a very work intensive story development class, and is great whether you are at the idea phase or have a completed screenplay that simply is not coming together.  Please be aware, while this workshop is not geared toward first time writers, anyone can benefit from the insights and techniques you will develop.

Instructor: Michael W. Catlin

Michael has 9 completed full length motion picture screenplays, including: The Enchantment, bought by Universal Pictures and The Burnbaum/Winkler Company; as well as an adaptation of Isabel Allende’s short story "Walimai" entitled Children of the Moon, in partnership with TVC - Communicazione Telavisia, Italy.  Additionally, he's been hired as a contract writer by producers for their projects and currently has three projects under active development.

Before moving to Denver three years ago, he spent 33 years in Los Angeles, working in front of and behind the camera; as well as in the executive suites of the studios and production companies as a story analyst.

He has coached writers and worked with directors preparing their screenplays for production, and currently is a member of the faculty at the Lighthouse Writers Workshops in Denver, where he focuses his teaching on "story development."

8 Mondays - Starting October 22 thru December 10
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM