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Video Camera Basics

What You'll Learn

This exciting workshop will help you get the most out of your video camera. Shoot like a pro for company videos, event documentation, family memories, YouTube shorts, and more!

We'll start with an overview of video camera controls, emphasizing manual controls for focusing, exposure, and white balance. You'll get an introduction to composition, and learn about different shots (wide, medium, close, cut-aways, etc.) so that you leave with stronger video shooting skills.


This workshop will cover:

- Camera controls and basic operations

- Basic shooting techniques

- Manual vs. automatic settings

- Composition and getting good coverage for editing

- Tips on getting good audio



No cameras are provided for this class, but if you have your own, we encourage you to bring it (and its manual).


Who Should Take This

Hobbyists, amateurs, and aspiring professionals who don't have much experience with a camera yet but really want to create better videos, whether with a consumer or professional camera.


Presented by Ethan Benninger

Tuesday, May 10th, 6-9pm

$89 non-members, $69 BDA members


Remember, you must sign up via the BDA website to fully register for this course! 

Tuesday, May 10th