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Video Production Certificate Program.


In this certificate program at Boulder Digital Arts you will learn both the theory and the hands-on techniques required to light and shoot professional quality video.

Program Description:

This comprehensive one-week certificate program is designed to get you up to speed using HD digital video cameras, DSLRs, lighting equipment and audio gear, enabling your creative vision. You’ll learn essentials like composition, depth of field, exposure tools, white balance, understanding color temperature and camera menus, as well as professional lighting techniques, camera movement tools and how to record clean audio.

Other topics covered are production workflow, the business side of video, shooting B-roll with the edit in mind, lighting and conducting great interviews plus how to do a site survey. And so much more!


Please bring along your own video camera and tripod if you have them so you can get really comfortable using your own gear. The instructor will be using and demonstrating on his professional equipment with which you'll get plenty of hands-on time, including using his camera, lighting and grip equipment, audio gear, as well as camera movement tools. However, since when the class ends you'll be using your own camera primarily, this will give you the opportunity to really get to know your camera throughout the week, as well as having the instructor be able to point specific things out on your own camera.

Presented by Lowel Pierce.

$1249 BDA Members, $1299 Non-Members. Payment plan available.

Monday-Friday September 21-25, 2015 9am-5pm

PLEASE REGISTER at the BDA website.

Monday September 21st through Friday September 25