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ARTS & VENUES DENVER (AVD): Film Advisory Committee


In Q1 2011, members of the Colorado Film and Video Association (CFVA) met with Mayor Vidal requesting support from the city for the film industry. Following a similar model established for the special events community, Arts & Venues Denver set up the Film Advisory Committee intended to identify needs of the local film community and facilitate solutions where possible. A small group met in May 2011 and agreed to the scope of the committee’s work (“Purpose”). AVD is recruiting members for this 12-person committee.

This 12-person committee will advise and support the following efforts:

  • Facilitate access to city services and locations including quasi-governmental organizations like Denver Water, cultural institutions, DPAC, Convention Center, etc.
  • Document economic activity
  • Explore non-cash city incentive program
  • Improve visibility and marketing including, networking with
    • City agencies
    • Neighborhood residential organizations
    • VISIT DENVER, Downtown Denver Partnership, etc.
  • Assist with identifying opportunities to streamline permitting and simplify procedures
  • Participate in economic gardening efforts to “grow our own” local talent and creative businesses
  • Coordinate programs and priorities with the State’s Colorado Office of Film, Television & Media

Responsibilities and Functions
Meet on a regular basis (frequency to be determined as a group)
Identify and recruit additional members to include various aspects of the film industry
Develop priorities based upon Purpose as outlined above

Background: City of Denver Support for Film
Current Financial Support

  • Create Denver Revolving Loan Fund 
    Provides creative enterprises in the City and County of Denver access to affordable and flexible business capital loans ranging from $5,000 - $30,000 to increase income and build assets.
  • Business Assistance Center 
    One-stop information center to assist small business owners and entrepreneurs with licensing, permitting, regulatory issues, research tools and community resources to help successfully start, manage and run small businesses.
  • Neighborhood Business Revitalization & Neighborhood Marketplace Initiative
    Assist entrepreneurs in starting or expanding their businesses in targeted Denver neighborhoods. 
  • SBA Mortgage Loan Program
    Provide below market rate, long term financing on commercial and industrial fixed assets located in the City and County of Denver.
  • Community Development Finance Institutions and Local Microlenders
    Link to other lenders, including ACCION Colorado, Colorado Enterprise Fund, Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute

Current In-Kind Support

  • Permits
    Including Filming Permits, Right of Way Permits, Parks Special Events Permits, Street Closures (Barricade and staffing costs may apply)
  • Parking
    2 free parking spaces provided (bagged meters), no charge for parking on non-meter, non-kiosk streets
  • May request wavier of bagging fees on up to 20 meters based on sliding scale of Denver production budget (regular fee is $25 per meter/per day
  • Use of City Facilities
    Based on availability, City makes available facilities and parks for filming purposes. Staffing and security charges may apply.
  • Use of City Property
    Based on availability and determination of suitability of context, City makes available property such as Police, Fire and Public Works vehicles for filming purposes. Staffing and security charges may apply.
  • Public Works Support
    Based on availability, City makes available services such as street sweeping, sign removal and replacement, pavement marking
  • Film & Event Liaison
    Denver Office of Cultural Affairs maintains a full-time Film & Event Liaison to provide support for City permitting, information, location scouting, vendor information
  • Colorado Production Guide
    Colorado Film & Video Association online catalog of vendors

New Film Support Options

  • Parking
    Expand provision of free parking, clarify wavier criteria, expand meters available for wavier request, limit meter bagging fees to day-off filming (no charge for bagging previous day for 6-8 am film starts)
  • Facilities Use
    Improve accessibility of Convention Center, Denver Performing Arts Complex, Red Rocks, Denver Art Museum
  • Liaison
    Initiate monthly Film Advisory Group to review current & upcoming projects, improve interdepartmental cooperation, identify and improve policy issues (modeled after monthly Event Advisory Group). Conduct annual Film Forum bringing together City Departments and Film Community for education and discussion (modeled after annual Event Forum)
  • Services Partnership
    Initiate Denver Film Partners Program to secure discount rates available to film producers, including travel, car rental, hotel accommodations, restaurants
  • Marketing Campaign
    Increase scope and accessibility of information on Denver filming support. 
    Launch media campaign to promote Denver filming and support through earned media and advertising (target issues focusing on West/South West and appropriate types of filming ex: auto) [See “Denver is Easy” advertising in Hollywood Reporter Southwest Special Edition]
    City presence at Trade Shows to promote Denver filming and support