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CFVA's STATE of the STATE 2012

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CFVA’s State of the State 2012: Where do we go now that the incentives have passed?

Getting the incentive bill passed was a huge step forward for the Colorado film and video industry, and everybody is curious about what's next.  

Please join us on Wednesday September 19th at the Mayan Theater at 6:30 pm as we dive deeper into the issues facing our state.  While we are eternally grateful to those that helped in getting the bill passed (Film Commissioner Donald Zuckerman can speak to that and what's next) we also recognize that incentives aren't all our industry is and our diverse group of panelists can speak to what impact the incentives will or will not have on their area of we discuss the work happening outside of Denver, what is going on in the advertising and commercial markets and how/why a filmmaker would choose to shoot their feature here.   

Come and be a part of this discussion that impacts YOU!  Entrance for this event is free.  Please submit your questions for the panelists to
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