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CINEMA CO letter

CINEMA CODear Fellow Colorado Media Industry Member and/or Supporter, 2012 was an amazing year for the media industry in Colorado. We accomplished what many people said was impossible. We're on our way to rebuilding a once thriving industry; no easy feat!

Before we look forward, we need to look back and really take stock of what got done. We faced challenges in every possible front and united as an industry--we responded. The Colorado state legislature has heard an incentive pitch every year for nearly a decade and they were numb to the noise. We found a way to break through. We succeeded in letting them know that Colorado hosts an amazing media industry and given the right opportunities, we're poised for success.

Now we must continue to work for that success. We all knew we couldn’t undo 20 years of neglect and, in some cases, active discouragement overnight. Just as production didn’t immediately stop when incentives changed before, neither will it rebound overnight to the same level as two decades ago.  We’ve made great strides and the production queries continue to come. It is critical that we maintain our efforts to drive that interest.

CINEMA is Colorado Innovators of New Entertainment Media and Arts. 

Its mission is promotion the value of Colorado's media idustry through statewide education and innovative opportunities.

Here's how CINEMA will help.  We will continue our legislative efforts, and create public awareness for the industry and work with the state and regional film commissions to help attract production. We will again be aided by the amazing support of Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck. This year we will also be supported by our local news, television and radio outlets. We will develop programming options in conjunction with the various film commissions to drive awareness. We must work together to make this happen.

We need the support of everyone in the industry. It is imperative that we highlight the great work that is already underway.  We have to be sure our legislators know that we appreciate their support. And, most critically, we need monetary donations to pay for our lobbying services. Our 2012 support was amazing but we also had a number of people who felt their contribution didn’t matter. It does. We will be successful, but we will achieve that success faster if we all directly support our industry.

Fill the donation boxes for CINEMA CO at the holiday party, and be on the lookout for the First Annual CINEMA Day Celebration at the History Colorado Center on February 8th, and we'll show you how to get involved directly.

Thank you for your help in making 2012 a landmark year for our industry and let's look forward to making 2013 even more amazing!


CINEMA CO is the branded Political Action Committee created by CFVA to work with CINEMA and to provide information and education to the community on legislative issues relevant to our industry, etc.