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#CINEMACO - CFVA : Call for Video

#CINEMACOColorado Film and Video Association is excited to announce our new video campaign starring Colorado's film community and that includes you, the CFVA members! We plan to release a quality driven video that showcases Colorado's exteriors, natural backdrops and prized talent and we think you would be a perfect fit!

The video will creatively display the fruits of producing in Colorado! The campaign will be designed to generate awareness to independent producers outside of Colorado as well as inspire our local community and ultimately drive film revenue to our spectacular state!!

We are looking for raw video files featuring the most beautiful parts of Colorado that we can use as content in our video campaign. Members are already becoming excited about the campaign; they are eager to send us their favorite scene from their favorite project and we hope you will want to participate as well.

If you are able to send us footage from your Colorado based project, please review our preferred specifications:

TRT: No longer than 3 minutes,
image size: 1920x1080 or 1280x720 (or BIGGER)
Source files (Uncompressed, ProRes and other such renders/codecs are accepted.)
Delivery: Hard Drive, Media Card, DropBox, FTP or Data Disk.
Thank you for adding to the growth of Colorado production! We look forward to watching your Colorado narratives!

If you have any questions about submitting your video drop us a line.

- CFVA in conjunction with 5k Insight and Crooked Lake Productions