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Congratulations to our new board members!


Congratulations to our new additions to the CFVA Board of Directors. Six were chosen by executive decision last night as we had a tie between 2 nominees totaling our Board of Directors to a whopping 14!

Chaz Grundy

Chaz currently is the Colorado SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) President.  He sits on a handful of local and national committees including the Denver AEA (Actors’ Equity Association) Liaison Committee and the AEA Western Regional Developing Theatre Committee.  And it would be his honor to join the CFVA Board to help lead and support the film and media industry in Colorado.  The film incentives for Colorado have increased, but there is still much work to be done.  There is still unfinished business.  Therefore he throws his hat into the ring and officially declares his candidacy for a Board seat with the CFVA.


Jared Petsche

A Native Coloradan, Jared Petsche has worked in the film/media industry, state government and with the surrounding Denver communities’ many non-profits. From lowly PA work on films, commercials and music videos to producing and directing live television, Jared has run the creative gamut in production.  Most recently, after a two year stint in Colorado's legislature, Jared has been involved in many creative endeavors including the Colorado Film Incentive Bill , the launching of Colorado Creates, a bragging website of the Colorado Creative Industries, and helping the Santa Fe Arts District by highlighting local creative's and  their positive cultural and economic impact in the Denver Metro Area though Open Media Foundation and public access. Jared also currently volunteers on the Communication Committee at the CFVA and sits on two committees at Open Media Foundation, Public Relations and Grant Writing.


Kim McKee

Kim has worked in the film and television industry for three years. In this short amount of time she has produced the critically acclaimed documentary “High Ground” ( with Disney producer Don Hahn, and the inspirational short documentary “Out Living It”, with celebrated outdoor adventure cinematographer and director Michael Brown.


Mike Burns

From professional theatre, television and film to live concerts, trade shows and exhibits, with some large scale festivals and events mixed in. Mike Burns has designed, managed, and produced almost every aspect of entertainment, and will do so as long as he is able. Mike believes there is a lot of potential with the CFVA and the community in general. He thinks this is a turn around year for Colorado and the CFVA should be at the center of it. He feels he can be helpful in working with everyone to get it there. Mike Burns would like to see that effort continued forward, and feels he has the right work ethic, experience and position to continue the momentum the previous board has started.


Kristy King

With a life long passion for film and events along with years of experience in these fields, it is with great excitement that Kristy King is putting her “hat in the ring” for a board position at the Colorado Film and Video Association.  She believes that her experience in events and production would be an excellent addition to the vast and varied talents and duties of the current board.  She understands the power of volunteering, first-hand, and would like to offer her time and talents to this worthy organization, in the hopes that both she and the organization can grow and succeed together in a common mission -  To strive to strengthen Colorado’s media production efforts through educational programs, special events, digital media, and social networking opportunities.


Dustin Schmitt

It brings me great satisfaction that I can work in an industry that I love, and live in the state that I love even more.  In my professional career as an Editor I’ve spent the last ten years working with companies like High Noon Entertainment, Citizen Pictures, & a number of independent Producers developing award winning documentaries and highly rated shows for Discovery, National Geographic, and TLC. These opportunities have not only allowed me to work towards my professional goals, they’ve allowed me to remain close to my loved ones.  I believe it is important for all of us to have the ability to live where we want to live and pursue our dreams with out sacrificing this beautiful place we choose to call home. I have a motivational passion for this business and my goal as a board member of the CFVA is to reach further into our industry pulling out as much information as possible and distributing it to our community to inform, educate, and build networks that will only lead to a stronger more sustainable industry here in Colorado.