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The Final Minute

The Final Minute PosterA unique and creative web-series is underway. "The world is going to end. What would you do with one minute left to live?"

The X-Rocket Productions and Creative Coop Media are in the pre-production fund raising stage of a web-series unlike any before. It is both entertaining and audience interactive.

A dream 14 years in the making, The Final Minute is an episodic web-anthology documenting one minute stories about humanity facing the end. Each episode is only a minute long keeping the attention span of the internet viewer while giving us flexible scheduling, high production in an indie setting, and an intriguing idea. It is cross-genre, offering everything from drama to comedy to thriller. It is cross-generational as well, with episodes involving teenagers to senior citizens.

When the website and films launch in the winter we will be promoting something most web-series can't offer: audience participation. A contest will be held for viewers to make their own one minute film of what they would do (case appropriate). While also encouraging average audience members to submit video blogs.

We are looking to raise enough funds to properly pay cast and crew. We are also getting the word out so if we reach our fund raising goal we can push forward in cast and crew calls immediately.

Please check out our website, page and fan our facebook page for updates and cast and crew calls.