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Longtime Denver Producer Undergoes Lung Transplant

By Richard J. Schneider

Michael Golden, my friend and business partner for three decades and a friend or colleague to many of you, has undergone a successful lung transplant at the University of Colorado Hospital, the leading multi-organ transplant center in the Rocky Mountain region. The procedure took place Monday afternoon.

The transplant team said Michael’s single lung transplant went very well and his prognosis is good. The first 24 hours are critical, however, and Michael is in isolation and under intense observation and care. He will be recovering at the hospital for 7-10 days and then will head home. His recovery regime will be stiff and intense, visiting the hospital daily for several weeks, then three days a week, and so on.

The requirements for such a procedure were very stringent, and Michael has been undergoing rigorous screening, numerous tests, exercise, and diet regimes during the past six months to determine his eligibility for a transplant. The transplant team considered him an excellent candidate.

Many challenges still lay ahead, primarily avoiding respiratory illnesses and managing tissue rejection, but Michael is a fighter and a stubborn Irishman.

If anyone over the past couple of years has felt that Michael gave you short shrift on the phone, not responded to an inquiry or invite, handed you the bum’s rush – the exact opposite is the case. He has had to focus on getting well and that has taken all his energy. For six months I thought all he wanted to do was get rid of me when I talked to him on the phone, and all it turned out to be was that he was having a tough time talking on the phone and breathing at the same time.

Michael is the same pal he always has been, a man of good humor, quick to laugh (although laughing actually poses a bit of a health issue at times), generous and open. He has just had a tough time of late.

Michael misses the video production business immensely. And he misses the countless friends he has made over the years. Many of you know him and his background. For those who don’t, consider him one of the “ground floor” producers in the Denver corporate video market dating back to the late 70s and early 80s when production was moving out of TV stations and into independent production firms like Telemation, Communicreations, and Wickerworks.

I ask all of you to pray, send white light, think good thoughts, dance around chicken bones under a full moon – whatever it is that you do – and direct all this healing energy toward our friend and colleague. Phone calls and visits will be tough in the near term, but cards are terrific healers. They should go to his home (not the hospital) at 2685 S. Dayton Way #188, Denver, CO 80031.

If you would like updates, please feel free to call me any time at 303-601-8932 or email me.