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Rodney Wilson
This month, CFVA celebrates Rodney Wilson

Last year, producer, screenwriter and Boulderite Rodney Wilson returned home to Colorado after twelve years in LA.  Wilson started in the film industry after many years as a fashion photographer.  Combining his visual acumen with an innate sense for entertainment and storytelling, he directed and produced his first union feature in 1998.  He quickly moved into development with a knack for optioning life-rights and developing true stories working with a laundry-list of Hollywood heavy-hitters.  


The multi-talented (and always busy) Wilson also co-owned a casting studio in Beverly Hills, and has landed parts as an actor in television shows and several national commercials.  As a writer, he’s had three screenplays optioned and currently has two in the financing stage of development.


He says one of the most impactful moments of his career came after acquiring the life rights to INXS front-man Michael Hutchence.  During conversations with Heath Ledger’s representation to play fellow Australian Hutchence, Heath tragically and eerily died on Michael Hutchence’s birthday.


Most recently, Wilson continues in his work behind the scenes, acquiring a Red Scarlet and shooting pilots, short films and commercials, one of which was broadcast nationally.  He has properties consisting of seven feature films, four comic books and over 20 scripted and non-scripted television shows that he is developing.  An investor recently pledged $2 million in financing for one of his feature scripts.

Wilson founded and runs a full-service production company, Pretty Monkeys.  He is happy to be back in Colorado and serve this community through developing, writing, producing and directing.  To see more visit:,