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Peter O’toole, Tom Sizemore, FILM IN COLORADO!

Denver residents Nick Ortiz-Trammell and Catrina Trammell(both residents of of Denver) were invited to produce the SAG and WGA signatory feature length film “Morella” which is based upon the Edgar Allen Poe Story of the same title, directed by mulitple award winner, Adam Ropp.

This is the film that Tony Curtis was working on when he died. Peter O’toole (“Lawrence of Arabia”, “Man of La Mancha” and currently in the television series, “The Tudors”) has graciously stepped in for Mr. Curtis and will be appearing alongside Tom Sizemore (“Saving Private Ryan”, “Natural Born Killers”), academy award winner Margaret O’brien (“Meet Me In St. Louis”, “Little Women” and “The
Secret Garden”) and a recreated Rudolph Valentino – we have the permission of his estate to use his previous performance.

Some of the principal photography with Tom Sizemore has already been shot at WB studios. The rest of the film will be shot in Oklahoma and
Colorado over the course of the next year. We are interested in speaking at industry events, meetings and other venues to raise awareness of this project and what it means to Colorado as we intend to hire actors and crew on location for the scenes to be shot in our State. We are also looking for a few more investors who would like to help see Tony Curtis’ final vision come to completion. Confidential
investor/press kit available upon request.

This is a historic opportunity for the State of Colorado, the Estate of Edgar Allen Poe and with the recreation of Rudolph Valentino this is a historic moment in film overall.

Anybody with suggestions for potential speaking engagements, raising additional funds, or just general questions, can reach Nick Ortiz-Trammell at 310-400-6189, or via e-mail at