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Sand Creek Massacre Documentary to be in Boulder History Museum

The award-winning Sand Creek Massacre documentary film is going to be part of the Chief Niwot – Legend and Legacy Exhibit at the Boulder History Museum, 1206 Euclid Avenue, Boulder, Colorado, from May 25, 2012 to November 25, 2012. The film, a short rendition, to accommodate the exhibit, depicts the Cheyenne and Arapaho people sharing their oral histories about the Sand Creek Massacre.

Award-winning writer/filmmaker, Donald L. Vasicek, writer, producer and director of the film, says that including the film in the exhibit amplifies the message meant for the film. “When the film was cataloged into Smithsonian Institute Libraries, I realized that it had a life of its own totally separate from me. With the Boulder History Museum exhibit, my goal from the inception of this film was to inform, to educate and to create awareness for America’s indigenous people, and it is once again being realized. The film must continue this journey for the people of Native America.”

The full-length film can be acquired on the Films Media Group website.
Donald L. Vasicek Olympus Films+, LLC