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State of the State | Panelist 2012

Okay, we passed a competitive incentive bill. That took years. But now the work really begins. This is your industry. Together, we can build it into the dynamo it deserves to be. On Wednesday, September 19th, at 6:30 p.m. in the Mayan Theater, your Colorado Film and Video Association will deliver the second State of the State – a comprehensive look at where the industry is today, and where it might go in the future. Just take a look at the panelists who will be presenting. They represent the depth and breadth of this vibrant industry. We need you to be there, to listen, participate and feed back. Entrance is free.


Featured Panelist: Tim Territo


Anne Macomber
An experienced Los Angeles AD, Tim "Stuntman" Territo’s Telluride On Site Productions provides complete production services, location scouting, location management, casting, crew, permits, for clients filming in Telluride and the Four Corners region.