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Evan Nix

Evan Nix

Evan Nix is a director and editor from Denver, CO, better known as one half of the directing team the Nix Brothers. Along with his brother Adam, Evan has produced dozens of colorful comedic narratives, including an original pilot optioned by Amazon Studios in 2013 called 'Those Who Can't'. The pilot was written and created by Denver comedy supergroup The Grawlix, with whom the brothers also produce a monthly web series of the same name.

In addition to their filmmaking, Adam and Evan co-created and perform in the band Total Ghost, a fake-German comedy performance group who gained significant attention from their viral web videos.

The Nix brothers' online videos have also gathered millions of viral views, garnering attention from multiple press outlets including The Chicago Tribune, New York Magazine and The Denver Post. In 2013, the two were given the Denver Westword's prestigious 'Mastermind Award' for their contribution to the city's cultural landscape.

When they aren't making films, the brothers also direct a yearly live comedy and film festival in Denver, CO called Laugh Track Comedy Festival.