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1st Annual CFVA Swap Meet

Already a CFVA Member and want to have a booth at the 1st Annual CFVA Swap Meet?

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Event Scheduled for June 7th at Open Media Foundation

Hey filmmakers!

Here's a great chance to get the supplies and equipment you need while saving the environment and your budget: an equipment SWAP MEET.  Have you got dolly track you don't use and really need a green screen?  Have a green screen but need more grip equipment?

The Colorado Film & Video Association (CFVA) will host the event at Open Media Foundation on June 7th from 11:00am – 3:00pm.   The CFVA will provide tables and support to assist in displaying local innovations, items for sale or rent, services, and of course, in the spirit of "Swap" - encourage film and theatrical workers to sell off used supplies and equipment.   Equipment such as lights, dolly track, green screens,  cameras, grip equipment and much, much more will all be featured.

CFVA members will be able to display and sell equipment for free and non-CFVA members will be charged $25.00 to sell at the event.   The Swap meet is FREE to all attendees.

The first annual CFVA SWAP MEET event is a green initiative designed to raise the awareness of local equipment suppliers, to maximize the utilization of locally sourced equipment and production services, encourage recycling and donation of older or unwanted equipment, and to encourage re-use by hosting the SWAP MEET and bringing the industry together.

"We are inviting all industry stakeholders to participate in first-ever CFVA SWAP MEET event, by displaying a trade booth, or information table to help spread the word on progressive programs," said Stehpen Felt, CFVA Board Chair. "Our goal is to increase demand for local goods and services and reach the grassroots, participants in the film, television, theatrical and entertainment production sectors - providing a casual and fun forum to meet and discuss local issues, and of course, grab some great bargains".

CFVA will host this SWAP MEET event as part of the CFVA membership drive happening in the month of June in encouraging industry professionals to join the organization.  For more information or to participate please contact


June 7th
Open Media Foundation
700 Kalamath Street (parking lot)
11am to 3pm
The CFVA swap meet is FREE to all attendees

Start Time: 
Sat, 2014-06-07 11:00
End Time: 
Sat, 2014-06-07 15:00