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CINEMA DAY - February 8th 2012


Colorado Filmmakers are passionate and excited about CINEMA day this year. We’ve launched a campaign titled “8 for 8″ to inform and inspire as well as have a Colorado Film Incentives commercial to excite the state about film incentives!

On February 8th, a bill was introduced by Tom Massey in the House that will:
• Increase the film incentive from 10% to 20%
• Provide a state guarantee for a senior bank loan

The legislation has sponsors from both the House and the Senate. The Governor allocated $3 million in his budget for the program, and with the approximately $1 million in unused funds currently allocated, we would have about $4 million for incentives beginning July 1, 2012 if the bill is approved.

As we all know, increased incentives for television, commercial and gaming productions drive economic growth, not only in Colorado, but across the country. Production positively impact hotels, restaurants, caterers, equipment rentals and many other support services, as well as adding visibility to our state's image and boosting tourism.

Start Time: 
Wed, 2012-02-08 07:30
End Time: 
Wed, 2012-02-08 13:00