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Women & Film - Voices Film Festival

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March 18-23, 2014

Colorado Filmmakers!


Penny & Red

Penny and Red: the life of Secretariat’s owner           directed by Beret Strong and John Tweedy   

Wed. March 19 at 7:15pm

Q&A with director Beret Strong

 From her parents' climb out of poverty to her own emergence as the 'First Lady of Racing,' Penny Chenery’s life has been fueled by the love of horses. Forever paired with the great racehorse Secretariat, Penny’s personal story also exemplifies the rise and sacrifices of women of her generation. The woman who emerges from this surprisingly candid documentary is no Disney princess. Yet Penny’s unstinting reflection on her life of caged ambition, suddenly liberated by a horse of transcendent power, still gives off a shimmer of grace.           


Playing House

Playing House - directed by Suzanne Heintz

Fri. March 21 at 9:30pm

Q&A with filmmaker Suzanne Heintz (plays in the “Sisters Are Doin It For Themselves” shorts program)

An Unwed Woman's life is documented in Kodak Moments, living with a Manufactured Family of Mannequins. Suzanne Heintz, a Photographer and self-proclaimed "Spinster," had enough of people repeatedly asking why she wasn't married. After years in what she calls a "social pressure cooker," Heintz finally caved in, and decided to make it happen, all on her own. She bought a set of mannequins, and went about playing House to manifest the American Dream in her satirical photo series, "Life Once Removed." Heintz has spent over 14 years shooting self portraits with her artificial family to make her point. From a European vacation to Christmas cards, spilling over with the joy of the season, Playing House is a sharp, witty critique on outdated expectations of domestic bliss and fulfillment.


Playing House


Bee People - directed by David Knappe   

Sat. March 22 at 12:30pm

Q&A with director David Knappe

Bee People is a groundbreaking film that takes moviegoers inside the world of bees – and the people who keep them. Shot on location in Colorado (Denver, Boulder, Englewood, Fort Collins, Red Rocks & Strasburg), New York (Queens, Rego Park, NYC), and New Jersey (Liberty Corner), Bee People is not just a documentary – it’s an adventure. 
The film begins with a look at the disturbing news associated with Colony Collapse Disorder. Bees are disappearing at alarming numbers. A vital partner in the creation of fully one-third of our food supply, bees have provided sustainability on earth for nearly 100 million years. What is the cause? This film dives in to not only explore the possibilities (nicotine based pesticides, mites, an as yet undiscovered virus) but it seeks to find the solution.



CLAW- directed by Billy Hunt and Brian Wimer CLAW

Sat. March 22 at 7:15pm

Q&A with director Brian Wimer

"A massacre in mascara," is how it's been described in the press. Pregnant brides, Virgin Madonnas and the occasional giant banana all coming together to raise money for women...and arm wrestling. Started in the sleepy college town of Charlottesville, Virginia, The Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers (AKA CLAW), is spreading like cooties; with sister branches in Brooklyn, Hudson Valley, New Orleans, Charlottesville, Washington DC, Durham, Taos, and Chicago. Part Theater, part sports event, all crazy, CLAW draws enormous crowds with all proceeds going to support local charities.



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