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The Art of Acting Out

Photo Courtesy of Chris Gilstrap of CG Photography


After a scrappy kickstarter campaign grew into a surge of support, the Art of Acting Out is in its final stage of principal photography. Produced and based entirely in Denver, the project involves dozens of actors, models, and comedians, including a veritable army of CFVA members. Even with the abundance of support from the Denver business and film communities, the series has faced challenges like any independent film- and is proving to conquer those challenges one by one.

The series follows the journey of Phil Collins (no, not that one) - a typically affable Denverite who decides to leave his job as a barista to pursue a career as an actor under the questionable tutelage of his talent agent, Tony. Phil navigates his way through the absurd world of auditions and odd parts. The script, penned by Gregory Aronof, called for over three dozen unique locations and a cavalcade of featured extras.

“[Aronof] writes for the universe,” explains Director of Photography Buddy Thomas. “The show is full of so many different elements; it definitely presented a lot of challenges” adds producer Tyler Martin. Those challenges were tackled head-on by a dedicated production crew of over a dozen, not including the myriad freelancers who lent their skills throughout the process.

Some of the crew were on board from the beginning- CFVA member and Lead Makeup Technician Cory Bryant was one. She recalls “I knew there would be a lot of challenging and new things for me, as a makeup and FX artist, and I couldn’t wait to see what the end result would be.” Actor Seymour Much more has been similarly invested, appearing as a featured extra in nearly every episode:

“The whole team was just a pleasure to work with- aside from being great at what they do; they’re charming to be around.”

Those CFVA members who were recruited in the midst of filming found themselves slipping effortlessly into place amongst the crew. Kickstarter backer and CFVA member Kristin Keating affirms “They seemed to genuinely just get along with each other while still remaining totally professional, so the whole experience was really positive. I’d work with that team again in a heartbeat.”

Jeremiah Zentz, associate producer, notes “We never had a big budget to entice people from the film community, so we had to convince people this series was worth their time. Much of that is accomplished thanks to Greg’s brilliant story. Colin Floom, local business owner and filmmaker, has lent a huge amount of support. Cory Bryant and Emily McKim (hair stylist) have been very verbal proponents on and off set. Our transparent production, with updates and photos via social media and our website (managed by Paul McCullough), and word of mouth drew more attention. Now we have acquired principal crew including those already mentioned, but also Patrick Walter as gaffer, Cody Troyer on audio, Buddy and Daniel Rachlitz leading the camera crew, and Troy Ten Eck as lead grip and camera. All of them are involved in post-production. We all cannot wait to showcase our final product.”

Having such a talented crew has ensured an equally talented cast their performance will be well presented. Until the series premier is announced, soon-they promise, you can check out interviews with actors Cody Dermon, Todd Simmonds, Mia Klosterman, and Beverly Sartain on May’s Xfinity Arts & Entertainment airing on Comcast Channel 105, 7pm and 11pm Saturdays and 7:30pm Thursdays, starting May 10th at 11pm.

-By Art of Acting Out, with help from Kileigh Hammond