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Colorado Short, Kerouac’s Denver

When my wife and I moved out to Denver two years ago, I picked up Jack Kerouac’s famous novel On the Road again.  I had read the book when I was in my early 20s and it had a big effect on me.  I’d remembered that a lot of On the Road was set in Denver.  I took those passages and whittled them down into a screenplay.  I added the odd word or phrase here and there to make the piece flow from one scene to another but really the script is 95% Kerouac and that’s what makes it good.

I did a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project.  I didn’t have the budget to do a period piece (On the Road was published in 1957) but that never bothered me.  The kind of young guys depicted in the novel, who want to get out in the world to see and experience as much as they can, exist in every generation.  That excitement about life was the thing I was trying to capture.

I had a great cast and crew for this project and I’d really like to thank them as well as all the donors who made this film possible.  I’m proud of the fact that everyone who worked on this film was paid for their efforts.  If we want to develop a pool of production professionals here in Colorado, people have to be able to make a living working in the industry.

-Peter Simon Filmmaker, Camera Assistant and operator. Find Peter Simon on the Colorado Production Guide