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Daniel Junge Interview Part 2: Making Documentaries

Daniel Junge

by Nelson Goforth

CFVA member Daniel Junge is the latest Coloradan to bring home an Oscar, for the short subject documentary “Saving Face” (2011), which he co-directed with Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, a Pakistani-Canadian filmmaker.  During an interview at the Bug Theatre, he spoke with CFVA about his career, and about getting started in documentaries.  An earlier article (Part 1) addresses the young filmmaker looking for a way in.  In part 2  Mr. Junge discusses his approach to making a documentary.

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In this part of the interview Daniel Junge discusses the power of film to move an audience, the willingness of people to open up about their passions, and his own approach to conducting interviews.  Most importantly, Mr. Junge speaks to the need of filmmakers, even documentarians, to tell clear, compelling stories.


Daniel Junge is an Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker.  His films include “Chiefs” (2002), “They Killed Sister Dorothy” (2008), “The Last Campaign of Governor Booth Gardner” (2009), and “Saving Face” (2012).  He is currently finishing his next feature documentary “Fight Church”.  Mr. Junge is also a director for the production company Futuristic Films.  His website is at

Nelson Goforth is a director and cinematographer, and occasional actor, and has some short films, plus his reel, on Vimeo: