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Deal or No Deal – Colorado Media Production Incentive

Henry Shooting


The Colorado Joint Budget Committee chose to strike the $1.5 million added to the media production incentive by the House from Colorado’s budget. This becomes somewhat problematic because Hallmark’s new television show that is in development, When Calls the Heart, has already been approved by the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media, to receive up to 1.6 million dollars from the incentive.

For a state, landing a series is like finding the Holy Grail; not only would an episodic series create hundreds of jobs over a six episode production spread (months) for Coloradans but it would bring tourists with tourism dollars to the shows shooting locations. Picture what Breaking Bad did for New Mexico now convert that demographic to a hoard of mommy-bloggers with time on their hands and cash to spend. Film Commissioner, Donald Zuckerman, stated that he has a plan to find the funds to meet Hallmark's needs. Of course if this does happen, the incentives will have a lockout for all other projects until 2014, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because we get our Holy Grail. If the Film Office can’t find the extra money…ideally Colorado should support smaller projects that do fit in the incentive’s smaller budget. THIS MEANS YOU CONTENT CREATORS!

The best thing we can do at this time is to continue creating quality content and hiring locally as we work on developing Colorado’s brand. Production is beneficial to the state and it will take Colorado creatives to consistently show how beneficial it is each year. Keep the conversation going by displaying the high level of production Colorado has in its locations, talent and crews.


- Henry Darrow McComas, Colorado Video Producer, CFVA Communications Committee Chairperson