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Editor’s Note – Indie Webcomic lands a new artist.

by Henry Darrow McComas

Open bodies of water, a really good song. (Currently, Carolina Drama by The Raconteurs.) Sunday morning comic strips; the good ones, names like Bill Watterson, Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman come to mind. Real life experiences, a great night at the bar, political debates, collaboration, a funny occurrence on set, an excellent shot that unexpectedly occurs, lime-green-bubble iMacs, renaissance, thought provoking narrative and technology that inspires art…these are the things that inspire me, these things inspire Indie Webcomic.

Indie Webcomic is a digital comic strip that I have been producing for over a year now. The idea originally came along when I was shooting a short film on a tight deadline in Seattle, WA. Our main location was the beautiful Discovery Park. Little did we know that along with the beauty of Discovery Park comes much air traffic and noise because of its unfortunate location in the center of Boeing’s flightpath. In the eleventh hour my crew and I found ourselves having to shoot the rest of our film with partial takes between the control and overbearing roar of airplanes that consistently flew throughout our fantasy film. It went a little something like: “Action!” The talent started their lines and then an airplane would zoom pass. “Cut!” The scenario was so ridiculous it became almost comical…after the award ceremony, in which we brought home two awards. (Thanks to a great crew and some creative editing.) We relived the plane scenario at an after-party and everyone couldn’t restrain themselves from laughing. I thought to myself, the follies of an independent film is universally funny; it relates to most industry creatives and is relevant to my current stance in life. What if we made a short film based on this idea…after a quick balance of the checkbook I figured a comic strip would be a more reasonable route.

What’s a film industry without a little ego, self-deprecating humor and technical catastrophe? From production politics to collaborative disasters on a shoestring budget, the indie webcomic reminds us of why we should hire a professional; so we don’t get caught in situations like these. And so Indie finds a home; the monthly webcomic doubles as a serial of advertisements for the Colorado Production Guide under the Colorado Film and Video Association umbrella. Each strip shows a blatant act of unprofessionalism that guides folks to the production guide, a database of Colorado Production professionals while maintaining a progressive narrative inside the #indie world.

Every issue thus far has been penned by me and illustrated by Royce Fooray Southerland, a talented artist in Seattle. Like most comic books, the illustrators switch out from time time, this allows new perspective to classic characters and even motivates new ideas. I am thrilled to announce that as of todays issue, #indie will be 100% Colorado made for its next story arc. Like any creative person the people I collaborate with inspire me. Each illustrator brings a token sense of style and characteristics to the panel. Their visuals help manipulate the story into the final product you view. Comic book  artist, Nathanial Hamel has joined the team and will be drawing #indie from Thorton Colorado. Nathanial is a commissioned artist working mostly on independent titles. He is also a bit of a business man…Nathanial is one half of Pow-Products a small business that developed the world’s first and only comic book panel stencil system. It’s local innovation like this that the Colorado Film and Video Association looks to be a part of. The production industry is more than a camera crew and an editing suite and we love to be part of the creative arts every step of the stage. From idea, to script to panel to lens, to screen. The Colorado Film and Video Association (CFVA) serves Colorado’s visual media industry in order to further local industry development and livelihood.

Henry Darrow McComas, Colorado Video Producer, Communications Committee Chairperson, Indie Webcomic Author