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Fast 7 - Come and Gone

Fast & Furious

The next entry in the successful Fast and Furious franchise recently spent six weeks shooting in the Colorado mountains (plus many more weeks in prep and wrap), bringing a crew of over 200, and many millions of dollars, to the state.

The Colorado portion of Fast and Furious 7 was all second unit work - meaning stunts and effects; principal actors were not involved - mostly stunt drivers, stunt doubles, and a very few extras (for one or two shots).  According the Colorado Film Commission, the production estimated that they would spend 5.1 million dollars in the state, and hire 58 Coloradans.  Final numbers are not yet available, but hires included grips, electricians, location managers, drivers, and a number of production assistants.

Film production took place near Colorado Springs (Pike’s Peak), Woodland Park (a private ranch), and Salida (Monarch Pass), enduring both the flooding rains and unexpectedly early snow at those elevations; however the script location may not be Colorado.  The film should hit screens in summer 2014.  The second unit has now moved on to join the main unit in Atlanta.