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February 26th: CFVA Celebration Party -Board Election

February 26th:CFVA Celebration Party - Board Election

The Lobby
2191 Arapahoe Street
6:30pm – 8:30pm


The Colorado Film & Video Association will gather their membership to celebrate the success of 2013 and also utilize the occasion to vote on new leadership with the election of officers at 7:30pm. Hosted cocktails will be served that evening and a large turn-out of CFVA members is expected.

Learn more about our board nominees below. If you are interested in running it’s not too late to submit. Send a headshot and a short bio to All entries must be submitted by the 24th of February and you must be a member of the CFVA. To become a member, go here.


Screenwriter / Filmmaker / Writing Teacher Trai Cartwright grew up Colorado but has worked in the film industry in NY and LA for over 20 years. Fifteen of those years were spent as a development executive and story consultant for Universal Studios, New Line Cinema, Paramount Pictures, HBO, and Leonardo DiCaprio's online ventures. She produced 3 indie films and worked the festival and marketing circuit securing each of them distribution. Since returning to her native state, she has taught screenwriting and TV writing to hundreds of Colorado's next generation of filmmakers at a range of sites including UNC, the Colorado Film School, and privately.

At every opportunity, Trai shares her knowledge of how this ridiculously exciting and challenging industry works, including the radical changes happening both on a Hollywood and an indie level. This is a fantastic time to be a filmmaker, either in or out of LA, and organizing and pooling our resources is an important step.



Lisa Czelatdko(sa-lot-ko) - I grew up doing community theatre. Have an MS in School Counseling, and have taken MBA classes. I've served on numerous boards and Commissions locally, regionally, and at State level. I served as an legislative body elected official for the City of Colorado Springs and as a Board of Directors for the Colorado Springs Utilities. Acting and politics are exactly the same in that there are two types : "those who say they want to be famous and those who are liars." :) However, being a conspicuous smart alek gets you laughs in acting and headlines in politics. I'd offer your board intellligence, quick learning, and a proven passion to improve the state of Colorado, all while working hard to strengthen the film industry in Colorado. Thank you for your consideration.



Stephen Felt began his career in the entertainment industry in 2009 when he was hired to be a featured background actor in Law Abiding Citizen, which was filming in Philadelphia. He earned his SAG card working on this film and transitioned this into acting in other medium to big budget movies, commercials and industrial projects in the Philadelphia area. Powder Day Productions, LLC was founded in 2009 to give Mr. Felt a professional structure in which to operate his video production and events planning company. Powder Day Productions’ first event was organizing a networking group for people in the entertainment industry which became The Philadelphia Entertainment Network. What started out as a small group on Facebook currently has over 2000 members with events planned quarterly including the only annual launch event in Philadelphia for the New York TV Festival. Industry experts have been brought in from LA and NYC to teach attendees about different aspects of the industry. Speakers have included Writing Coach Adam Levenberg, Casting Director Diane Heery, Producers Jim Jermanok and Harrison Smith, Showbiz Software’s Steve Bizenov, Line Producers James Madison and Adam Lebovitz, Entertainment Attorney Jacqueline Borock and more. Mr. Felt moved to Denver, CO in October 2012 and has been producing commercials and industrials for a variety of clients as well as managing a business finance company. Mr. Felt has organized a series of film finance seminars in Philadelphia and is expanding to Denver in the summer/fall of 2014. These seminars teach filmmakers and investors about business planning, distribution, marketing, and tax incentives for investing in films, production companies, and new media.

See his recommendations, read articles he’s published and connect with Mr. Felt at LinkedIn and his IMDb page



Elizabeth Sujin Ford is a local actress who hopes to use her talent and political background to help promote growth and awareness of the Film and Video industry in Colorado.

Sujin has worked in the Film industry for over a decade, and has a deep love for the arts. Raised as a musician, playing piano and violin, she found herself on music scholarship in college. After dabbling in acting for a friend’s film ‘Options’, she won a local award for acting and decided to continue her interest on stage, and in other small films. That eventually led her to work for Paramount as a Casting Assistant and Production Assistant for the Cameron Crowe film “Elizabethtown.” Falling in love with the film making process, and developing relationships on set, she was selected to be a featured extra. Inspired personally by cinematographer John Toll, she studied in New York City at the New York Film Academy and pursued an acting career after finishing her degree in Business Finance. Her favorite role to date was her most challenging role. As the Russian badass in the Asian action/comedy blockbuster “My Girlfriend is an Agent” Sujin worked daily on choreography, action sequences, horseback riding, Indiana-Jones-Whip skills, bow staff, and learning lines in Russian and taking direction in Korean (both foreign languages at the time). Her long-term goal is to help bridge the East-West gap between the global film industries, and to promote intellectual property rights abroad.

Her political involvement includes work on two different political campaigns for the Governor of Kentucky, the Kentucky Secretary of State, help with several political fundraisers, and help with the Ryder Cup in 2007.

She has a B.A. in Business Administration in Finance, Minor in Music and Violin Performance. She competed in NCAA D-III golf and NCAA D-I Karate, and still enjoys all things athletic making Colorado her perfect home.

She is currently represented in Colorado by the Donna Baldwin Talent agency, and studies at Front Range Acting studios in Denver.



Jonathan Fulton grew up in North Idaho, fostered a love of the outdoors and simple living until 2001 and a radical change of scenery to Denver. Since a teacher's recommendation sent him to CFS in 2008, he's been involved in the Colorado film industry in a wide variety of roles, mostly settling in with the Grip department, though only Hair and Makeup remained untouched on the list of possible roles (thus far). From zero-budget passion projects to nationally-airing ads and reality shows, local indie features and a host of CFS films, he's accumulated an...interesting portfolio of credits.

Ultimately, the community that surrounds this industry is what will determine the success or failure of our attempts to bring film back to Colorado, and if I can be a part of that here in the beginning, I can be proud to call myself a Colorado Filmmaker.



I’m Patrick Hackett and I am proud to call myself a Colorado Filmmaker. With more than a decade in the trenches, I know all too well the difficulties involved in working in this industry between the coasts. As the Director at Skytheory, I use digital storytelling techniques to produce successful commercial projects and independent works. I have written and directed numerous films, with Slave to the Grind and Raising Republic garnering coveted festival acceptances. I am also a Production Manager; being entrusted with meager indie budgets to multi-million dollar budgets, most notably on such titles as Courting Condi, Seclusion, and An American Terror. In my free time, I'm either back at the movie theater gaining inspiration, or at a local music venue listening to live music. I also play the drums.

REASON: I have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to produce quality films in Colorado and I want to share my experience and ideas with the CFVA community. As a Production Manager, I work with both the artistic and commercial aspects of the industry; balancing the creative vision of filmmakers with the real-world financial concerns of Producers and investors. My leadership skills in bridging these two perspectives will be an asset to serving on this Board and I intend to use these skills to work for the community, that for all these years, has been working for me.



Deb Illig started in the art industry, went into construction working on major projects around Denver, and in 2010 started BP Design, a web design company based in Wheat Ridge. Her background in production management in construction as well as the printing industry for over 25 years, make for a unique combination of talents that seems to evolve based on her latest endeavor. She re-designed the CFVA Production Guide and is currently the webmaster of Her involvement with CFVA is where she came to know and love the industry, and is why she would love to be a part of CFVA's efforts to continue to grow Colorado's film industry.



I’m Deborah McCormick. I’m a screenwriter working on my second script. For most of my professional life I’ve had the privilege of working in advertising agencies where I had an unrelenting passion for helping clients grow their businesses and enhance their brands. Although I’m experienced with various mediums in this world, creating television spots was always my first love.

Why do I want to join the CFVA board? Colorado is my home and as such, I’d like to help grow the film industry in this beautiful state. I believe I could lend my vast years of experience in copywriting, marketing, public relations and film to help create compelling communications for CFVA, as well as bringing more awareness to the organization as a whole. I’m very passionate when invested in a cause, and I’m very interested in this cause. Thank you for considering me and I would be honored to serve.



I'm known as a creative force, a production veteran and an industry builder.

Over the past 20 years, I've fostered hundreds of successful projects, businesses and careers. I'm well-known for spawning the vibrant community of creative post-production boutiques that populate Denver, Colorado today.

My clients and collaborators know me as:
EP | Creative & Owner of production company !MPOSSIBLE
Director of Photography
Brand Consultant to television networks, companies and non-profits

I am a free range human – based in Colorado – working with hundreds of collaborators and clients across the USA.

Still at the helm of Impossible, I remain the principal force behind the production company’s nonstop evolution. Impossible serves a wide variety of agencies and brands including TV networks Velocity, Destination America, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TruTV, HGTV, NBC Sports Network, Starz, TLC and more. I have helmed hundreds of spots for brands like DISH Network, Charter, Citgo, Dominos, DuPont, Microsoft, MoneyGram, IBM, OtterBox, MillerCoors, Ford, GM and Toyota. As an outspoken voice in the community, I've been honored to speak at global conferences such as PromaxBDA Arabia, Motion and the Scripps Media Summit and I have been published in SHOOT, CableFAX, Post and PromaxBDA Brief. On every project I am at once both hands-on and hands-off. I love building and curating teams drawn from my network of 200+ collaborators. Thanks to an infectious optimism and deep sensibilities, I am well-known in the industry as an inspiring leader and trusted team player



Maurice Sparks – CEO and Owner Film director / Graphics Design / Camera Operator / Photography / Script Writer Mr. Maurice Sparks is the CEO of N2GO International. With over 25 years’ experience producing and directing film, television, music videos and photography combined with 27 years in the music industry, he is a true innovator in the Colorado film landscape. Mr. Sparks is currently spearheading several projects which will change the film industry in Colorado forever. Mr. Sparks firmly believes there is a need for change, and his commitment to his vision will change the way business is done within the film industry. Mr. Sparks and N2GO International is on the leading edge of technological advancements that are being made daily and has a solid plan of bringing these to fruition. IMDB link:



Jess Stainbrook Development/Creative Executive,

Mission: To be actively involved in impacting the world by seeking positive change in the way the institutions of education, media, entertainment and government influence our culture.

Jess has been shooting and directing films and TV shows all over the world since he started his first creative agency while still in college at Temple University in Philadelphia. Jess moved to Colorado in 1996 to build Douglas County Television (DC8), a government station for the fastest growing county in the Unites States. In 2004, Jess led DC8 in winning the Station Excellence Emmy Award for “Best Station” over all the Heartland region network affiliates. It was the first time in NATAS history that a government station has competed at this network level for quality of programming.

Jess comes fresh from Super Bowl XLVIII in New York City directing his 10th annual Faith, Family and Football Program with Tony Dungy and Sold Out on Super Sunday with Roman Gabriel III that broadcast on the NFL Network, Fox Sports, Daystar and other networks reaching over 128 million viewers worldwide.

Jess served as the Executive Producer for Seven Days in Utopia, the inspirational major motion picture featuring Academy Award winners Robert Duvall and Melissa Leo. The movie was winner of Movieguide®’s 10 Best Mature Audience Movies of 2011 and the 2012 Templeton Foundation Epiphany Prize Nominee for Most Inspirational Movie of the year. In 2012 Jess served as one of the exclusive advisors on The Bible TV series by Mark Burnett (producer of Survivor, Shark Tank, The Apprentice) and Roma Downey (Touched By An Angel) for this unique series playing on the History Channel in March 2013.

Jess is currently producing two feature films; Central Americans, a romantic comedy adventure with the intention of entertaining viewers with a high-quality movie while also planting a meaningful seed: 'What if I got involved in helping people in need all over the world?' Coming to theaters in 2015! And Hercules of the Revolution, an historic fiction movie about Peter Francisco, George Washington’s 'One Man Army!' due out in 2016. Specifically in Colorado, Jess has eight Heartland Region Emmy Awards, 34 Nominations and is the recipient of the Henry F. Bohne Award by the Media Communications Association International (formerly ITVA) for 'significant contributions in the field of television production in the Denver area.'

In serving with CFVA, Jess says, 'I have had amazing opportunities in my career in media, and most of those have come about as a result of someone else doing hard work in front of me, carving a path and establishing the way. There is a point at which it is important to serve in this industry as well as continue to forge ahead in visual story telling. It would be my goal to help influence the way for future filmmakers and creative professionals in Colorado by serving on the board of the CFVA.'