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Hanna Ranch Trailer

Hanna Ranch

Hanna Ranch is a feature documentary about visionary cattleman Kirk Hanna and his personal struggle to protect a once prominent way of life in Colorado. Born into a life on the family ranch (just outside of Colorado Springs), Hanna became a leader in the environmental ranching movement that set out to protect the West from encroachment of development and misuse.

Hanna Ranch Official Trailer from Hanna Ranch on Vimeo.

Executive Producers Karl Kister and Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation, Food Inc.) and Producer/Director, Colorado Film and Video Association enthusiast, Mitch Dickman.

An early winter premiere and release is planned, but the production team can now officially start sharing news about the film while building an audience and awareness about conservation of essential ranchlands in Colorado and beyond. Their website was launched yesterday: You can also keep up to date with Hanna Ranch by following us on Facebook and Twitter and join the conversation with the hashtag: #hannaranchdoc. And help spread the word by encouraging your networks to do the same.

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