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Help DFS raise $150,000 through their spiffy new Kickstarter campaign

Denver Film Society

The Denver Film Society needs 4 new digital projectors to continue showing films at Film On The Rocks, SDFF, and Sie FilmCenter.

The Denver Film Society (DFS) needs your help raising funds to acquire 4 new digital projectors – equipment that will allow DFS to program and offer a full array of screenings at the organization’s diverse venues including: Film on the Rocks, the Sie FilmCenter, and the Starz Denver Film Festival red-carpet premieres at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House.

By the end of 2013, the film industry will only distribute new films in a digital format (DCP). Even classic Film on the Rocks titles like THE BIG LEBOWSKI, TOP GUN and THE GOONIES have been converted to digital format. The potential impact to the Denver Film Society and film-lovers throughout the region is significant. Without DCP projectors we will not be able to show these older films or any new films produced by Hollywood!

What is the cost of 4 new DCP Projectors? $300,000

We implore you to help DFS raise $150,000 through their spiffy new Kickstarter campaign to cover the cost of 2 projectors. Luckily They have had some generous donors contribute $70,000 towards the cost of the other two.
By June 28 the Denver Film Society needs you to help raise $150,000 – of course exceeding their goal is even better.
Check out the Denver Film Kickstarter page and all its cool Backer rewards and help save the Denver Film Society and the Big Lebowski.

Or Go directly to Kickstarter here.

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