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Ileana’s Smile - Kickstarter campaign

Lleana's Smile


Ileana’s Smile - Kickstarter campaign

Ileana, a little girl with a big heart and lightning smile, grew up in a trash dump in Nicaragua and was forced into child prostitution. Tragically, she contracted HIV and passed away in 2011. Ileana’s Smile is a Kickstarter campaign to share her story so that other vulnerable children like her can be protected and live. Inspired by Ileana’s courage and smile, non-profit Love, Light & Melody and spokesperson/musician Brad Corrigan are raising funds through Kickstarter to produce a documentary film in honor of her short, beautiful and bold life.

The goals of the campaign are to unify 133,000 hearts in the fight against the sexual exploitation of children and to raise $133,000 to finance the production of the Ileana's Smile documentary film and soundtrack. The Kickstarter campaign commenced April 21 and runs through May 20, 2014 at The documentary will raise awareness and funding for the International Justice Mission and World Childhood Foundation, two leading organizations fighting to protect children vulnerable to sexual exploitation worldwide.

There's my life up until 2006, and then I met Ileana,” said Corrigan. “That little girl wrecked me so beautifully, and I’ll never forget the courage and strength in her smile. It’s now my honor to speak and sing to her life so that other kids like her can be protected and live.

Corrigan, a Colorado native, founded Love Light & Melody in 2007. The non-profit organization uses creativity and the restorative power of the arts to capture and expose stories of injustice and extreme poverty.