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Inner Dimension web-series release at Denver Comic Con

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Denver, Colo. – The first three episodes of the science fiction web series, Inner Dimension ( premiere June 13-15, at Denver Comic Con (, as part of the annual conference’s Reel Heroes track. After the daily screening of all three episodes, Galloping Metal Productions LLC will invite viewers to attend a panel where the web-series’ crew will workshop various aspects of the filmmaking process.

Inner Dimension follows several strangers who disappear from the real world and find themselves lost in a metaphysical realm older than the age of the dinosaurs. As the characters travel through portals between the two dimensions, meeting unlikely allies and foes, darkness seeps into the world and threatens the universe. Only a few can save it.

Featuring a motley cast of characters including a retired NFL football player, a professional boxer, a diplomat and a British lord, the series evokes the spirit of shows like Dr. Who, Lost and Fringe, with a surprising, paranormal premise shaped by producer and actress Kasha Fauscett.    

No stranger to otherworldly experiences, Fauscett has used her intuition to support friends and family with guidance and healing. One day, while cleaning the house, the idea for Inner Dimension flooded her imagination. She has pursued it ever since. 

Because she channels the show from a spiritual realm, she has committed herself to a fiercely independent production process. “You have to tell the story because the story’s flowing to you. If you sold it or gave it away for somebody to produce, it would not be the same thing.”

The team has shot three of twelve web episodes to be released for free over the next months. A thirty-second teaser Fauscett produced for last year’s Denver Comic Con blew up on Facebook and Youtube, garnering over 260,000 views.

In addition to the screenings and panels at Denver Comic Con, Galloping Metal Productions LLC will sponsor a booth where fans can take photographs with actors in costume and pick up swag bags filled with mouse pads, pens and other Inner Dimension goodies including offers from local nonprofits and businesses the company has teamed up with.

“People have been coming out of the woodwork to support this project,” she says. “This show is not just for the United States. We’re talking worldwide. That’s the beauty of being on the web. Now you can reach whole new levels of viewers around the world. I think that’s really exciting.”

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