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Letter from Leslie Allen – Outgoing CFVA Board Chair

Leslie Allen

Dear CFVA Members and Colleagues:

What a year - and let me start by saying how proud I was to be your board chair of the Colorado Film and Video Association as we close our board cycle in March of 2014.
I would like to thank the membership of the CFVA - now over 400 strong in both individual and corporate – and with your financial support, we had an incredible year in growing the livelihood of the Colorado film industry.    Please let me take a moment to review what has been accomplished during the past term:  

Political Advocacy

In the last 2 years we have realized an exciting expansion of opportunities for Colorado's creative community in the realm of film, television and video game production. Through the incredibly effective outreach of the industry and partnerships with the CFVA, we’ve been able to showcase the creative talent Colorado has to offer in a way that shows elected officials just how critical the creative industries are for our state and its annual tax revenue collection.  Back in 2012, we worked with the legislature and Governor to increase the available production rebate from 10% to 20% and created a first-of-its-kind loan guarantee program for film, television, and video production.  Since CINEMA day 2012 - when the chambers of the House of Representatives were filled with the cheers and applause of CFVA in recognition of industry day at the Capitol, the landscape has changed in an incredibly positive way.  Colorado's incentive program now enjoys a return on investment of $9 for every $1 it allocates to the rebate program and production has skyrocketed across all genres from commercials to local feature films to Hollywood blockbusters.  As we look toward continuing program funding for 2014, we will again seek the support and enthusiasm of the industry to remind the Colorado General Assembly of the positive impact that film, television and video game production has on tourism, economic development, and the positive brand that Colorado enjoys on a global stage.

CFVA Communications
Our mantra at the CFVA is to mobilize quickly, efficiently and activate our volunteer board/membership on a moments notice to reach stakeholders on issues that matter to the industry.   On every level, improvements/upgrades were made in the last year.

  • Newsletter
    In the last year, the CFVA Communications Committee upgraded and redesigned all communications to members on multiple platforms.   Newsletters were sent out monthly - going beyond listing CFVA events - to featuring original editorial content focusing on the Colorado Film Industry.   Gone was the copy-heavy approach in favor of bold visual images in communicating the message.  We believe it’s important to be a source of industry “news” provided on multiple platforms  -including Facebook and Twitter posts and “upping our likes” in the process.   The CFVA comic strip, “INDIE”, was a must-read anchor always promoting the Colorado Production Guide with the simple message… “Don’t get caught in this situation, hire a professional.”

  • Colorado Production Guide
    Redesigned with much stronger functionality, the Colorado Production Guide was introduced to stand-alone from the CFVA website with an entirely new and different look.    Registration changes for the guide now list individual and corporate listings as entry point to the guide.   Added functionality included the ability to list IMDB credits and links, add imagery to listings, and the search tool on the site was upgraded.    New upgrades for the year will be integrating GOOGLE search into the site and continually improving the professional presentation of the CPG.

  • CFVA Website – CFVA.COM
    Another full upgrade was made to the site with heavier emphasis on visuals and re-formatting for a more professional look.   Share buttons, links to social media/email, sidebars for easy navigation to editorial content, and guiding users to join CFVA were all added.   Corporate banners now link to listings and information surrounding partners like CINEMA were incorporated.   In our last year, traffic to numbered 42,522 visits, with 25,950 unique visitors, and over 124,000 page views.

CFVA Events
It is critical we build community in our industry and many events were held during the year including the annual State-of- the-State meeting at the Sie FilmCenter, the holiday party at the Curtis Hotel, and our CFVA Board nominating event held in March.    We were a visible co-sponsor of the 36th Starz Denver Film Festival and sponsor of the Colorado showcase and screening of Hannah Ranch at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House.  In addition we sponsored Create Denver EXPO, the Summer Toast event, and the 48 Hour Film Festival.  And, this year at CINEMA DAY at the state capitol - the CFVA set-up a fully crewed movie production set and shot legislators as actors in a short iconic movie scene and gave it to them later at the evening reception.  As you can see, it was a very busy year in building stronger awareness and equity in the CFVA brand.

CFVA Launches Film Industry Seminar Series
2013 saw the launch of quarterly educational programming featuring leaders in the industry in partnership with the Denver Film Society and the Colorado Office of Film Television & Media.   The seminar series was held at the Sie FilmCenter and featured FROM SCRIPT TO SCREEN, THE TALENT YOU DON’T SEE, FILM FINANCING AND SALES, and HOW TO MARKET AND DISTRIBUTE YOUR FILM.  Sponsorship funds were utilized to bring industry experts to Denver to share their experiences with Denver audiences.

A Busy Year of Growth for the CFVA and THANK-YOU!
CFVA had a very productive year and we continue to grow in membership and industry influence.   This couldn’t have happened without the CFVA volunteer board/ team who came together to make us all look very good over the past year.   I would like to personally thank  -  Greg Babcock,  Lore Bamberg, Tom Botelho, Michael Burns, Julie Crane, Kim Cynergypro, Chaz Grundy, Deb Illig,  Jared Petsche, and Stephen Replin - for their tireless work on behalf of the CFVA membership and industry.  

In closing, I’d like to welcome our new CFVA Board Chair, Stephen Felt and 6 new board members and wish them the best of luck with the upcoming year.

I sincerely thank you for your consideration and support in growing the Colorado film industry and the opportunity to lead CFVA in the last year.   I look forward to seeing you at many future CFVA events.

My best regards,

Leslie Allen

PS:   We can’t keep growing this organization without your financial support.   If you’ve gotten this far, PLEASE become a CFVA member or renew your membership now at the link below to keep the momentum going.   Thanks again, Leslie