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One Day in Denver - Recap

With the shooting day for One Day on Earth/One Day in Denver having already occurred, it is NOW that the community has the opportunity to see the videos shot, discuss the amenities and resources available in our city and begin to interact with our geo-tagged map. People from across Denver went out and captured their unique stories and ideas on April 26th and as they upload their footage over the course of the next 3 weeks, the impact of the event can begin to be seen. The One Day in Denver geo-tagged map and archive are populating daily. Begin to look around and continue to come back and immerse the viewpoints of our city:

One Day In Denver

If you have footage to upload from April 26th, please upload through the creation of a participant page on our web site and the use of our video uploader available at:

Stay tuned for updates on our 3-part television series covering all 11 participating cities to air on CPT12 in the 4th quarter of the year.