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One Day in Denver - "Your Day. Your City. Your Future."

One Day in Denver

Part of One Day on Earth, One Day in Denver -"Your Day . Your City. Your Future."

will take place on April 26th. The event is engaging the entire Denver Metropolitan Area in a participatory media gathering project for which not-for-profit organizations of every type, governmental agencies, inspired citizens and filmmakers will investigate and capture footage to address questions about the future of our city. The resulting media will be shared via interactive, geo-tagged, participant pages set-up on the event website and the project will result in a 3 part television series. Sign-up to participate and examine questions related to the future of Denver through YOUR lens. There are no specific technical requirements and films can be shot on any equipment including phones,ipads etc. Raw footage will be uploaded immediately following the event and should you be interested in creating a short film, the recommended length is 1-4 minutes.