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Website Redesign of the Colorado Production Guide

DENVER, CO, April 19, 2013 -- The Colorado Film & Video Association (CFVA) today announces the launch of the redesign of the Colorado Production Guide.  The new design allows for easier navigation, provides enhanced functionality, adds extensive new services for CFVA members, and encourages site visitors to explore the depth and breadth of over 400 industry professionals and businesses across the state of Colorado.

 “The Colorado Production Guide now provides full IMDB integration,” said Leslie Allen, President/Board Chair of the Colorado Film & Video Association, “our members can now list their three favorite IMDB projects with links pointing to the page.” 

The Colorado Production Guide can also link to members LinkedIn pages and to their YouTube and Vimeo channels – providing greater customer impact for CFVA members.  Additionally, members can add production stills, video clips and other marketing materials to further showcase their work.  Now producers will find a complete resource for their upcoming productions in Colorado.

A large part of the film production search process is conducted online prior to or even in lieu of an official request for proposal.  The CFVA’s internet presence is a critical component as the Colorado Production Guide site provides 24/7 access to Colorado’s most comprehensive resource for crew, vendors and production companies in the state.

The Colorado Production Guide has been the leading resource in the industry for the past 30 years and remains the go-to source for industry professionals worldwide.

Join the crew at

With the launch of the new guide the Colorado Film and Video Association is setting up a proper naming convention. Non corporate members will have their company name taken out of their title but still be in the body text so producers can easily find their corporate companies and individuals such as casting directors or grips. Producers often want to pick either a person or a company and this organization will help the crew listing and provide a better hire rate for our members by making the clients job easier in the search. Corporate members will be able to list by their company name. 

The Colorado Film & Video Association is a professional trade and membership organization representing over 400 professionals across the state of Colorado.   The CFVA advocates and promotes Colorado’s visual media industry in order to further local industry development, livelihood and economic impact for the state.