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Hey, film community gang: if you have a few minutes Saturday evening, catch a WRAP PARTY AND EARLY SCREENING of “People of the Book” - a short film by Joshua Gates. It is Saturday, November 16, 7:30 p.m., at

District 475 Gallery at the Vallagio Community at Inverness,

10111 Inverness Main St

Englewood, CO 80112.


Here is the film pitch: “People of the Book” … a night in the lives of two very different men, forced to survive by working together. (All shot in Denver)

You might pick up some tips on Kickstarter, since Josh financed the project in that manner, raising about $5K.

Also, big time Denver drummer (and my son) Trygve Schneider recorded, edited, and sweetened the audio track – AND composed and recorded the music score. All done at the Bates Motel West Studio.

If you can drop by, please do. RSVP, though, sometime Friday to me at, by calling Josh at 303-483-3167, or emailing him at


Tell Josh you are in Trygve’s posse.

Here is Josh’s Kickstarter page on the project:

And look for my new book, VOTE: A Vic Bengston Investigation, set in Colorado and Key West, come soon to a website or bookshelf near you.


--Richard J. Schneider