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The Art of Acting Out

Photo Courtesy of Chris Gilstrap of CG Photography


After a scrappy kickstarter campaign grew into a surge of support, the Art of Acting Out is in its final stage of principal photography. Produced and based entirely in Denver, the project involves dozens of actors, models, and comedians, including a veritable army of CFVA members. Even with the abundance of support from the Denver business and film communities, the series has faced challenges like any independent film- and is proving to conquer those challenges one by one.

The series follows the journey of Phil Collins (no, not that one) - a typically affable Denverite who decides to leave his job as a barista to pursue a career as an actor under the questionable tutelage of his talent agent, Tony. Phil navigates his way through the absurd world of auditions and odd parts. The script, penned by Gregory Aronof, called for over three dozen unique locations and a cavalcade of featured extras.

“[Aronof] writes for the universe,” explains Director of Photography Buddy Thomas. “The show is full of so many different elements; it definitely presented a lot of challenges” adds producer Tyler Martin. Those challenges were tackled head-on by a dedicated production crew of over a dozen, not including the myriad freelancers who lent their skills throughout the process.

Some of the crew were on board from the beginning- CFVA member and Lead Makeup Technician Cory Bryant was one. She recalls “I knew there would be a lot of challenging and new things for me, as a makeup and FX artist, and I couldn’t wait to see what the end result would be.” Actor Seymour Much more has been similarly invested, appearing as a featured extra in nearly every episode:

Indie - May 2014 Indie season is back by popular demand!

Look for new comic strips starting this June.

To catch up on the independent film industry follies follow the complete Indie Webcomic archive at and always remember...

Don't get caught in situations like these - hire a professional - Colorado Production Guide

Telluride TV

Telluride TV


Telluride TV


Telluride TV's is in the final phase of renovating a high school classroom into a Community Media Center.  The center will be used for adult and student media arts education including video camera and editing courses. A green cyclorama wall was built in the facility and will be used for student news programs and other locally produced shows created by people living in Telluride and the surrounding community.  There is also an area with a black curtain back drop for filming panels of presenters.  
This summer, Telluride TV is producing a live weekly show, "Telluride Weekly" showcasing events and happenings in the Telluride region.  Telluride TV's production staff will work with high school and college interns who want to pursue a career in film/Television by providing hands on camera, editing and interviewing experience in a fun and structured environment.  It will be an exciting opportunity for students to be involved with all the exciting festivals, people and events that makes Telluride such a unique place and gain production experience for their resume. 
Coming this fall, the Media Center will offer studio rental rates for photographers, videographers and anyone interested in learning how to create their own show. 

Rolling Papers - A Feature Documentary On Cannabis Culture In Colorado

Colorado is the ground zero of ganja. The politics, the culture, the media, the medicinal, the recreational, the educational, the economical — all facets of our community are seeing the effects — both positive and negative, following legalization on January 1st, 2014. So, The Denver Documentary Collective (DDC), along with The Denver Post's newest sub-site The Cannabist, are shooting a feature length documentary film about the normalization of the marijuana industry in our home state. Your support will go toward finishing production and prepare the creators to hit the festival circuit.

The Crew:

Mitch Dickman, Director Mitch is an award-winning producer and director in both film and theatre. He is the founder and director of Denver-based Listen Productions, a full-service media production company. His credits include: feature film, HANNA RANCH; feature film, A TEST OF WILLS; Honduran travel show "Off the Radar;" short film, MORTAR (2006 Starz Denver Film Festival Official Selection); stage production and Macbeth adaptation, Wild West; and stage production and feature documentary film DNC MEDIAMOCKRACY.

Zachary Armstrong, Director of Photography Zachary has worked in the camera and post-production departments for over a decade, and has built a working relationship with director Mitch Dickman by shooting and editing their last 3 feature films: HANNA RANCH, A TEST OF WILLS and DNC MEDIAMOCKRACY (which he co-directed as well). He also shot the film THE LONELY LIFE, starring Will Oldham.

Colorado Filmmakers Featured On The Colbert Report

The Colbert Report
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FIGHT CHURCH is a feature documentary about the confluence of Christianity and Mixed Martial Arts. The film follows several pastors and fighters in a quest to reconcile their faith with a sport that some consider violent and barbaric. Faith is tried and questions are raised. Can you really love your neighbor as yourself and then punch him in the face? 


Fight Church is Directed by Oscar Winner, Daniel Junge (Saving Face) / Bryan Storkel (Holy Rollers) Produced by Eben Kostbar / Joseph McKelheer (The Hammer).

One Day on Earth has a new trailer

One Day on Earth has a new trailer for our April 26th filming event! Check it out --and please LIKE and SHARE it to help spread the word. We want to hear what topics YOU think are important for the future of Denver, so please comment as well.

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We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your support!

Five Million In New Funding For Colorado Media Production

Dear CINEMA supporters;


I hope that you know by now that we’ve received approval for $5 million in new funding for fiscal year 2014-2015. This is huge news. $5 million! Sure, that’s not a lot compared to New Mexico or Louisiana, but it’s more than we’ve ever had before. This success is the result of a ton of work over the last few years. Let me catch you up on how we got here over the last six months, which are the most exciting. By the way, this is all from my memory and understanding. If anything is incorrect, it’s all on me.


Governor Hickenlooper released the proposed budget on November 1, 2013. This included $5 million in new funding for Colorado’s film, television and new media production incentive. Colorado’s Joint Budget Committee (JBC) heard weeks of testimony regarding the budget including testimony for and against media production incentives. Our lobbying team, led by Melissa Kuipers, made sure that the JBC members had good information answers to their questions in order to make their decisions. On March 13, 2014, the JBC submitted a budget to the Colorado House of Representatives for approval in HB14-1336, called the “Long Bill.”


The House began debating the Long Bill on March 27th. The next 24 hours saw seven amendments directed at reducing or eliminating media production incentive funding. Fortunately, the majority of the House had real data and real facts to evaluate and chose to support Colorado’s economy and labor pool. On March 28th, the House approved HB14-1336 and transmitted the amended version to the Senate.


One Day in Denver - "Your Day. Your City. Your Future."

One Day in Denver

Part of One Day on Earth, One Day in Denver -"Your Day . Your City. Your Future."

will take place on April 26th. The event is engaging the entire Denver Metropolitan Area in a participatory media gathering project for which not-for-profit organizations of every type, governmental agencies, inspired citizens and filmmakers will investigate and capture footage to address questions about the future of our city. The resulting media will be shared via interactive, geo-tagged, participant pages set-up on the event website and the project will result in a 3 part television series. Sign-up to participate and examine questions related to the future of Denver through YOUR lens. There are no specific technical requirements and films can be shot on any equipment including phones,ipads etc. Raw footage will be uploaded immediately following the event and should you be interested in creating a short film, the recommended length is 1-4 minutes.

Cinema Day Recap


Cinema Day Recap

By Brian Doubleday of Greenworks Video

When I first heard about the Cinema Day event, I w as told that the idea was to give the legislators an idea of what a typical production scene might look like. But what would the crew be doing? Well, a few years ago when we had first started our Greenworks green screen studio in downtown Denver, we had a client that asked us to place several of their people in well-known movie scenes from Mission: Impossible for an in-house event. I brought that up to the CFVA committee charged with creating the event, and everyone agreed that it could work. We would set up a fully-crewed movie production set and shoot legislators as actors in a short iconic movie scene and give it to them later that day---their own personal copy of their performance.

It sounds simple but it was anything but. First of all, we on the committee had to come up with relatively easy to shoot characters and scenes that legislators would want to perform in. One of the things discovered right away is that—for whatever reason--- there are plenty of memorable scenes with iconic lines featuring male performers, there just aren’t that many ‘legislator appropriate’ lines for females.(Can you imagine a female politico wanting to intone Mae West’s “Why don’t you come up and see me sometime?” or “I’ll have what she’s having...” from Director Rob Reiner’s mother in the fake orgasm scene in “When Harry Met Sally”). After several weeks of intense searching and a flurry ofemail suggestions flying back and forth we decided upon:

Stanley Film Festival Chapter II Opening Night

Stanley Film Festival Chapter II Opening Night: Thursday, April 24th at the Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

Colorado filmmaker, Alexandre O. Philippe's (The People Vs. George Lucas) film, Doc of the Dead, is scheduled for the Gala Opening Night Presentation of the Stanley Film Festival. The film is an original documentary from EPiX, and explores the evolution of the zombie genre in film, television and literature, as well as its impact and influence on pop culture. The Opening Night film is followed by a party that gives new meaning to the term, "dead sexy." Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret presents the Zombie Burlesque Bombshells! Brace yourself for a cavalcade of curves, undead flesh, bumps and gory grinds. The Denver County Fair's annual Corpse's & Crowns: Zombie Beauty Pageant (featured in Doc of the Dead) winners will also be on hand to show off their unique talent.

For tickets and complete program information to the Stanley Film Festival - April 24-27th: