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The Colorado Film and Video Association (CFVA) serves Colorado’s visual media industry in order to further local industry development and livelihood.

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Katey Laurel Releases Locally-Produced Music Video


Singer-Songwriter Katey Laurel Releases Official “Hurricane” Music Video

Upcoming new album “Periscope” produced by Warren Huart

(Denver, CO) January 07, 2014 – Pop/folk singer-songwriter Katey Laurel is announcing the release of her official “Hurricane” music video to coincide with the release of her new full-length album Periscope, produced by recording industry veteran Warren Huart (The Fray, Aerosmith).  The video stars Denver actors Meghan McMahon, Alex Boccia and Miranda Reno and was produced by Breck Larson Productions.  The video is available at the singer's YouTube channel:

The Making of American Terror

American Terror

With an undisclosed budget, a 30 person crew made up of 98% Coloradans and a three week shooting schedule, Haylar Garcia’s American Terror took on Denver by becoming one of Colorado’s most well known horror films. “It's my grim fantasy about what I wish would have happened BEFORE Columbine.” Says Mr. Garcia, writer and director of American Terror. Here’s how it was made.

Colorado native, Haylar Garcia, was working as a screenwriter in LA during the scripting process of American terror. “As fate would have it, my lit manager Tarik Heitmann and his producing partner Sam Sleiman, came upon an investor that wanted to make a low budget horror film, but wanted a concept that deviated from the typical formula a bit.” Mr. Garcia compared the project to an assignment. “The idea of a Columbine related film had always been in the back of my mind, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to express it.” When Mr. Garcia was describing the pitch meeting he related it to a whirlwind. What started off as a pitch to sell a script culminated in Garcia and team leading the full film production to Denver, Colorado.

SAVE THE DATE - Board of Directors Election February 26th

Board Of Director Elections

Each year CFVA opens the proverbial doors and holds elections to bring new people onto our board. This is a chance for many of you looking to step into leadership roles to do so and help us usher the Colorado Film and Video Association into a new year with fresh ideas and aided growth.

How does this work? Think of it just as you would any other election. Our board members serve 2-year terms, and annually, we rotate out one-half of our board to make sure we are keeping things fresh for our members. Essentially, this allows our organization to stay innovative, relevant, and competitive for the CFVA membership base.

If you are interested in running for the board or know someone you think would be a good candidate, don't hesitate to let us know by sending your bio, headshot and reason for running to

For those that are interested in helping the Election Committee, please contact us to find out when and where the next meeting will be held.

Elections will be held on February 26th, so save the date.

2013 in Review

2013 in Review

As seen in the Focus On Colorado Newsletter


Since the passing of House Bill 1286 (the new 20% incentive law) on July 1, 2012, the Office of Film, Telvision & Media incentivized over $35 million in production, which created nearly 800 jobs.  Here are some highlights from the last three fiscal years:

3 Fiscal Years

On Nov. 1, 2013, Gov. John Hickenlooper delivered a FY 2014-15 proposed budget of $24.03 billion to the Joint Budget Committee (JBC), which includes $5 million for the Office of Film. The JBC will prepare the state budget (the "LONG Bill"), which will go through committees in both the House and the Senate before being voted on by both chambers and then signed into law by the Governor.


The Colorado 2014 Legislative Session begins January 8.  Don't forget to contact your local legislator and let them know your support! Find your local Legislator by using the My Neighborhood tool.


Thank you for helping make our new program a success.

We look forward to growing Colorados film and television industry in 2014!

Animal Planet Heads to Four Corners in Search of Bigfoot

Animal Planet Heads to Four Corners in Search of Bigfoot

Cortez Journal


Animal Planet is searching for Bigfoot in the Four Corners this week and may shoot more than one episode in the area, according to the Four Corners Film office. On the Finding Bigfoot website, the show promises to “investigate compelling new finds in multiple states” including Arizona and Colorado.  The Animal Planet pre-production crew came to area Nov. 23, and the production crew arrived two weeks later, the coordinator for the film office, Lisa Schwantes, said.  Read more.

Indie Best Of 2013

In celebration of the New Year, the folks at CFVA have decided to post their favorite Indie webcomic from 2013! The below comic-strip debuted in the February 2013, CFVA Newsletter.

Don't get caught in situations like these - hire a professional -

Indie Feb 2013

Don't get caught in situations like these - hire a professional -

Colorado Production Guide

Making "The One Who Loves You"

The Ones Who Love You

Set in the 1970’s south, The One Who Loves You is the story of a young singer struggling to make it - against career setbacks, family pressure and personal loss.  The One Who Loves You was written by Beaty Reynolds and directed by Katharyn Grant, it was produced by Reynolds, Grant, and cinematographer Chris Graves.  The film features many Colorado actors, including Katharyn Grant, Briel Dicristofaro, Megan Heffernan, Marty Lindsey, Candy Brown, Martha Harmon Pardee, Donnie Betts, Rhonda Brown, Laura Norman, and Elizabeth Rose.

From a Denver script workshop offered by writer Beaty Reynolds, Ms. Grant fell in love with the characters and story from Reynold’s “calling card” script.  They enlisted a former collaborator, Chris Graves, to serve as Director of Photography, and produced the film over the next two years.  The script has gone through many iterations and name changes, from “Swinging Down Home” to “Carolina Blue,” “The Mighty King of Love,” and, finally, “The One Who Loves You”.  The three produced the film over the past several years; it is now showing at film festivals, with two sold-out screenings at the recent Starz Denver International Film Festival.

Mr. Reynolds wrote the script in the 1986, and used it as his demo in Hollywood.  While it garnered attention, both for Reynolds and in its own regard, even being optioned by Faye Dunaway’s company, it never made it to production.  

Indie December 2013

Don't get caught in situations like these - hire a professional -

Colorado Production Guide


Indie December 2013

Don't get caught in situations like these - hire a professional -

Colorado Production Guide

EFILLF PRODUCTIONS Colorado movie crew gives Doritos away to the homeless

Doritos Commercial


Just in time for Thanksgiving, Denver based production company, EFILLF Productions, handed out bags of Doritos to the homeless of Denver. The Doritos were used as props in their recent Crash the Super Bowl competition submission. With over 11,000 homeless people in Denver alone, their little contribution was pretty huge. To quote one of the many people who received a Doritos bag. "It's the little things that count."


Click here to see their commercial and to vote.


CFVA Holiday Party

You've been working hard so take a break!!

6:30pm - 9:30pm

The Corner Office

Corner of 14th and Curtis Street
Private Room, Appetizers and Cocktails.
Don’t worry about driving back! Rooms will be available for a CFVA discounted rate at the Curtis Hotel.
In order to get the room rate you must reserve by 12.6.2013.

Free to members, non-members $10. A great way to bypass the non-member fee is to become a member! Hint-hint. Don't miss it.CFVA Holiday Party