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Why Does the Submission Form Change My Story?

The news submission form may change the content of your submission if

  • You cut and pasted from a word processor or web page
  • You included HTML
  • You included non-ASCII text (i.e. anything other than pretty standard English characters

Word processors often include – without your knowing it – special characters (such as typographer’s curly quotes, bullets, etc.) that do not translate to the Web very well. The system here tries to translate those characters properly, but this is not always accurate – hence the preview.

HTML (markup language for websites) is not allowed in news submissions because we publish (the e-mail version of the eBulletin anyway) in plain text because everyone’s e-mail reader understands this. Also, there is a tendency to misuse HTML.

As with word processor text, it is possible to include characters from your keyboard that don’t translate into ‘web’ very well.